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On sandwich boards and inside jobs.

The problem with Elly probably blinding herself to the harm she was doing with her stupid picketing and drunken mess of a Halloween party is that she didn't learn a single thing from it. The conclusion most people would draw from the mess is that Elly really doesn't have much to say politically and should limit herself to sending checks to the candidate with the sincerest-looking smile because her take-away is that someone stole her idea when it's more likely that she actually was an ill-informed meddler making things worse. This blindness to the negative impact she's having on those around her seems to have gone unnoticed by Mike and Elizabeth but not by April.

We first noticed this habit April had of pointing out that Mommy's head is in the clouds when she pointed out Elly's faulty logic as regards what to do about Jeremy. It's somewhat obvious that Elly still doesn't really understand that the miniature delinquent wanted to kick the shit outta April because his daddy plays harmonica and since she does, she wants him to not have a daddy or whatever loony bullshit excuse he's hiding behind. This puts her on the same page as the huffy, pious simpletons who can watch a cartoon show about people fighting inhuman monsters who want to kill everyone and wonder why they don't talk them out of it.

Fast-forward a few years to Elly not wanting to believe that someone on the inside was robbing her blind. April told her flat-out that this refusal to accept the possibility that sometimes, people are mean left her vulnerable. Elly had to be sat down and told what had happened and she was mostly mad at other people for not telling her what she didn't listen to. Simply put, she was being a terrible parent to April and she doesn't understand it because she's dense.
Tags: elly patterson: universal imbecile.

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