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On starting the flames: Phil's wedding.

It occurs to me that while Elly was making a gaudy and destructive spectacle of herself intruding into a situation she still doesn't properly understand, things that would affect her life were going on in the background that she also never fully understood. One of the things that was going on was Georgia finally getting Phil to get over his reluctance and propose to her. While his Liography had him bleat piteously about how his freedom to be an immature, feckless manchild was being taken away by a manipulative female, his blinkered vision of events blinds HIM to a reality he also still does not understand especially well. A fact that Phil either does not know or doesn't take seriously is the following point of Canadian law:

Common-law spouses do not inherit any of their spouse's property unless it was left to them in a will. If your common-law spouse dies without leaving a will, the intestacy rules will give their property to their children or other relatives, not to you. So if you are in a common-law relationship each of you must make a will if you want to choose what you want done with your property when you die.

He also ignores the fact that despite feeling like a widow, Georgia would have been treated like a girlfriend had he managed to get John and himself killed playing at being Ranger Dorkface. While he might have stood a chance of delaying the inevitable if it were just Geo reminding him of this, his fate was sealed by two people who were in her corner: parents who were mighty sick of his fannying about like a great big immature, insensitive and entitled clod. What Elly doesn't know and what Phil ain't telling her is that Jim attached that there ball and chain to his legbone and Marian ate the key. Since his parents' response to licking Hitler and Tojo was to give birth to an endless array of soft, weak, stupid and entitled imbeciles like him and Elly, he still vaguely feels as if he got trapped.
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