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Move them goalposts and pump them organs.

As you know, we're about seven years or so away from the arc in which Jim and Marian sell the house in which Elly and Phil grew up. Aside from Lizzie stupidly thinking that home is a building, we had to contend with their stupid war over that stupid pump organ. Elly wanted it because she was born first and needed to hold it over Phil that just because they loved him best it didn't mean that he could cheat her out of proof that she was loved and Phil wanted a musical instrument he could use. As I said the other day, he was on the verge of doing something futile and silly: telling Elly that her default belief that he was allowed to do whatever he wanted with the full blessing of their parents was as wrong as her yammering about being his slave or whatever. Oh, sure, the Richardses were into that whole double standard crap but not to the extent Elly would prefer to believe.

This means that any attempt to explain that no, their refusal to hunt the children Phil charged a quarter a head to watch her change down, gouge their eyes out and geld them did not mean that they approved of it would be futile. It was not enough that his arse was paddled raw, that he was made to apologize, that his allowance was revoked and that he spent months at a time as Marian's chore monkey. If they loved her, they'd have admitted that having a second child at all was a mistake because it implied that she needed to be replaced. What is really stupid is that she can listen to Mike say the same stupid freaking thing and wonder why he thinks that life is a zero sum game because she has no self-awareness.

Said lack of self-awareness is also why she doesn't realize why a post-wedding Phil is sort of relieved that his low sperm count and/or Georgia's tipped uterus made parenthood an impossibility. She doesn't admit to herself that she went into things assuming that children were ungrateful parasites that will fight mother love every step of the way because they love chaos and hate to see happy adults because they're willful and no, she's not a fragile idiot who is too easily overwhelmed to be near children any length of time. Since she's a shitty parent who sees defiance everywhere she looks and since he's the only parent he knows, it's not hard to see that he'd assume sight unseen that he'd be the same ridiculous failure.
Tags: elly on her cross, elly versus phil

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