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What Elly knows about Georgia (is very little.)

The depressing part about the wedding that's coming up is that we spend a lot of it watching John root around in a dumpster like a raccoon because he stupidly lost his watch because he stupidly decided to combine taking out the trash with driving everyone else to the church. This need to slam Rod for insisting on his harem distracted us from a rather interesting scene that we should have been allowed to watch. Said scene is an older couple coming up to Elly, introducing themselves as Henry and Louise Wilson and asking her who the Hell does she think she is planning their daughter's wedding. The reason we do not see this sort of thing is quite simple; we're looking at Georgia through Elly's eyes and what Elly sees is someone that seems to have materialized out of the ether for the sole purpose of making Phil grow up.

This means that Elly doesn't have to do something difficult that she hates to do and find out who this woman is, where she comes from, what her childhood was like or what her last name was before she married Phil. As I've said before, John might know because he does her dental work but since Lynn clearly believes that the only surname the woman needs is Richards, her past is quite irrelevant to Elly. Even in Phil's Liography, we do not get anything more than that she's from Montreal and has parents of some sort and Elly only learned that because they moved there shortly after April toppled into the river. I know that I tried to flesh her out but I didn't have much to work with because all Elly sees is someone a bit too young for Phil and also a bit too ready to criticize her parenting despite not having children. Other than that, we don't need much else because we have to accept Elly's lack of curiosity as a given.
Tags: elly patterson: universal imbecile.

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