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The anomaly of Phil's wedding.

As we know, Lynn seems to have an anti-formality stance when it comes to weddings. She thinks that mothers-of-the-bride who succumb to the need to micromanage are monsters who forget that it's supposed to be about the bride and she generally seems to see the whole affair as a pointless and showy waste of time that leaves those that prepare for it overworked and underappreciated. This is possibly because her refusal to admit that her mother should have any other role than "blubbering heap apologizing for having an opinion of her own when she should mindlessly obey DADDY" and "emetic, twinkling freak mindlessly praising every stupid thing Lindy does and letting personal initiative spiral down the crapper so a basically gutless idiot doesn't have to hear the terrible and awful character building words 'you can do better.'"

This makes Elly's mindless enthusiasm for Phil and Georgia's wedding seem to be something of an anomaly. It really isn't if you stop and consider some facts. First off, when Deanna and Shawna-Marie were dealing with their horrible monster mothers, we were dealing with Lynn's mother issues and refusal to understand that the big fancy wedding is pretty much the only shot either woman had at making a big public display of themselves. Traditionally, they slaved away in anonymity and the only occasion they had to make an impression on the masses WAS by being the mother of the bride. This means that we were meant to cheer Lynn on as she punished her mother for failure to admit that she should pay her compliments to make her feel like she's worth the effort of keeping alive. Since Joan Ridgway's family are distant nothings to Lynn, she doesn't have to deal with her mother issues and can get behind the wedding machine. This is why Georgia's family seems to consist of an unnamed father, an uncle and various other silhouettes.
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