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Marian against dogs (and also Elly)

The interesting thing about Valve's war-themed hat simulator Team Fortress 2 is that most of the backstory is told in a webcomic that depicts the mercenaries' adventures after the end of the so-called Gravel Wars. For some reason, the mercs called Soldier and Scout wind up in Heavy Weapons Guy's chalet in Siberia and an artificial dilemma is forced upon us. Since it's been established that lead-poisoned, barely literate imbecile Soldier is a jingoistic nutcase who, upon noticing that the brand name Sears in a winter coat someone was trying to sell him starts with the letter S, assumes that it's a Soviet propaganda coat, he doesn't want to eat the soup Heavy's mother made because as communist soup, it cannot sustain him. For this, his good angel, the spirit of George Washington, praises him for staying the course just like he did at Valley Forge. Next, his bad angel (the spirit of Benedict Arnold) tells him to eat the soup....as does an INSANE angel: the spirit of a great big hot dog which was thrown out because it went uneaten and got all blue-moldy that can only be freed from its food-based limbo if Solly eats the soup. Next thing we know, Soldier's chowing down while Benny and the Big Hot Dog are high-fiving each other.

The reason that I mention this is that it seems to me that insane angels are why Marian did certain things. The first thing is turning Jim down flat when he wanted a dog. Her good angel told her "You work all the time and it wouldn't be fair to the pooch; besides, animals in the house on purpose might not be good for kids because one of them could hurt the other." Her bad angel remembered that her dad loved some filthy mutt more than he loved her and if she hated something, she'd be damned if Jim and the kids could enjoy it. Since she couldn't say that to herself because she didn't think of herself as having a vindictive streak, she probably sold herself the loonie fairy story Connie told about psychological warfare.

The reason I assume that Marian has a crazy angel is the reason she gave for shouting Elly down and never letting her win an argument and never letting her know she was loved. Her good angel feared for her loss of initiative and accepted that to get along, Elly must learn to go along. Her bad angel snarled that this was her house and it weren't no democracy and damn it, who cared about the kid's feellings, she deserved to win arguments for once. Her insane angel protected her from the knowledge of the bad angel and told her that a high-spirited two year old was a criminal dictator in the making who needed to be suppressed for the greater good of all mankind. When I read Marian's reasons for stifling Elly at every turning, I heard something: a grim shade of an infamous traitor and the spectre of an anthropomorphic smoked sausage declaring "Mission Accomplished." Too bad that Benny and Big Hot Dog are family friends.
Tags: foobs versus common sense., grate grandmother marian

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