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Lost (and gained) in translation.

One of the things you realize about watching the Pattersons is that Lynn loves to do certain things over and over. She likes to draw cars as if they're hovering in the air to indicate that they're moving, she loves to depict the Pattersons eating in a crude, slobbery, horrifying manner in order to indicate that they're everyday people and not stuck-up, too-good-to-be-true types and she loves what we call Patterdander. As I've said before, she does so because she thinks she has to. The problem is that she also thinks that she has to end every single strip with a cutting remark deliberately designed to hurt someone's feelings and she has to use untranslatable colloquialisms in order to help people learn to speak English.

The problem that this leads to is that she doesn't seem to see that her best strips are those that lack said desiderata. Just as I can think of any number of strips that could have been salvaged by the absence of a zinger or a confusing pun, I can also see that letting her do what she does best would simply ruin the Hell out of a touching little strip. As I said, Lynn cannot. Lynn sees strips that can be translated readily into a foreign language as her being adversely affected by editors who make unreasonable demands. She also sees strips that don't have someone clearly winning a verbal duel and gloating in the face of a doomed victim as being not true to the reality that is living in a claustrophobic setting that only let true feelings appear through the wisecracks.
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