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Further reflections on why gratitude isn't valued.

Now that another Thanksgiving has passed you down South by, I think that it's only fitting to re-examine why it is that the day really goes unmarked. As always, it's because the Pattersons look at their lives of plenty and see absolutely nothing to be thankful for. This, I should think, is because they all seem to want things that contradict one another. For example, we have to deal with the fact that Elly wants to be a mother who can never be satisfied with what her children do and is vocal about how much of a bother they are while at the same time be thought of as a kindly figure they can and should come to with their problems. Evil outsiders who don't have children and thus have no say in things might tell evil lies about how she's just going to leap down their throats anyway the second they say something that angers her but that shouldn't be allowed to matter because she wants something and that's it. Since she never got something she sort of actively made a tough sell, she can't find a thing to be grateful for.

This tendency continues with Liz. What we see with her is a fickle, oblivious flake who expects to have her life handed to her on a silver tray who wants to be thought of as being a resolute, faithful and hard-working person no matter what people she just made up might say about listening to herself more often. Simply put, she can't understand why most people see her as a dimwit who has to be led everywhere she needs to go and who also needs to have a babysitter husband forced on her because she's thought of as needing a spotter to breathe.

This inability to tell self-image from reality almost makes John's refusal to understand that the people around him aren't a collection of media images benign. Not being grateful because Elly and the others insist on being real people when television makes life look so simple seems a lesser evil stacked up against wanting to have one's cake and eat it too.
Tags: elly on her cross, liz on a different cross

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