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Judge not, Elly.....because you suck at it.

It should be noted that during this projected conversation with Connie, Elly is still doing what she did back in 1987 by telling her friend how lucky she was to marry a wonderful man like Greg Thomas and how lucky Liz is to have a wonderful man like Anthony. While I earlier thought that present-day Elly must have realized something about both men, it's pretty much a given that how wonderful a person might be is in direct proportion to serving her needs.

It thus matters not that Greg chickened out and let Connie get all the hatred when they moved to Milborough. It doesn't matter that he treats Lawrence like a disappointment he's going the extra mile to tolerate. It doesn't matter that he's given in to the siren song of playing golf. It doesn't matter that he drove his first wife away by being a douchebag. What matters is that he thwarted Ted and made it so that Elly didn't have to risk watching different television channels and having to adjust her car radio.

Similarly, she is engaged in active denial of the fact that despite her earlier prediction, Anthony is not the self-starter who'd outshine the cool kids her need to hide her disappointment that she's going to spend the rest of her life as the dentist's insane wife made him into. He's not Gordon's flunky or a charity case or some entitled dick who expects to be carried around on a litter, he's just pacing himself and is also great because Liz marrying him means that she respects her mother and father.

Also, Therese is not an ill-used woman who's the victim of both debilitating depression and a campaign by clannish idiots to chase her away so that some old bat and her husband can go right on treating everyone like vending machines and also so two stupid people can pretend that high school non-romances are the truest love ever, she's irrationally jealous of a whiny meddler who thinks she should win all the time because she's cute and greedy because letting her win means that Elly loses.

The problem with her setting the example of how to judge people is that her need to tie a person's goodness to how useful they are and how easy they make life (as by way of example, Sue and Monique were never her friends because they didn't volunteer to be fired) is that we have children who cannot tell friend from foe either.
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