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On why the outside world is scary.

The irritating thing about a sixty-five year old Elly complimenting Anthony for 'saving' Liz from a terrible life outside the cozy confines of a womb-like suburb is not just that Elly has the very stupid idea that, as Garrity said, adulthood means returning to the nest after learning that adventure and excitement might look appealing but are actually bad so that good people must put aside the childish thing of chasing distracting, evil stars so that they can spend their lives honoring their parents. The irritating thing is that we have to remember why it was that Liz expected other people to travel to her instead of being weak and going to them: she has a mother and father who hate traveling when other people set the agenda. Oh, they're great about dragging her and April around to visit old people who look at them like they're horrible people for not remembering a time before they were born but when someone suggests that they either be visited in turn or have to come to see them, the stupid, stubborn stick-in-the-mud in Elly takes over.

The same woman who resents her chubby clone Mira for expecting her to be the one doing the adapting is, of course, letting her mommy issues dictate to her and, at the same time, mess up her children's heads. She never drove to Mike's place more than once, she regarded having to drive Liz up to MtigatingCircumstances as an exile and she's teaching them that being told where to go is scary and wrong. Why, Liz would rather go up in a helicopter than meet other people.
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