dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On the joys of selling yourself short.

Now, in this imaginary conversation Elly is going to have with Connie when she hits sixty-five, I don't know if John is still alive but I do know that Elly is going to be cravenly grateful to have married the pompous dickhead. We see a cruel, immature, deliberately oblivious motherhubbard who seems to be beside himself with glee that Elly is finally a domestic robot who cooks, cleans and has had that annoying need to have a super-threatening separate identity that clashes with his fragile male ego. The odd thing is that I also remember that coming up, we have a New Years' dinner at the Pattersons that has a celebratory toast. While the others get to hear the satisfying CLINK of glass against glass, they don't trust Lizzie with good stemware and instead hand her a plastic tumbler that makes a dull, muffled, disappointing CLUNK. Being taught that it's a woman's lot to sell herself short is why it is that both Elly and Liz ended up beaming about how lucky they were to marry dull, disappointing clunks.

The odd thing is that neither Marian nor Elly set out to raise doormats who'd marry the first mother-compatible stooge that slithered out from under their respective flat stones. What the older empty-headed matriarch never got is that Elly needed to get her MRS because she thought it was the only way to get her mother to like her and also, work is hard and bad and wrong because you never get praised anyway unless you're Phil and that means to succeed, you have to aim so low, you cannot miss.

The odder thing is that just as Elly thinks that she's a loving, fair, firm and kind mother who never lost her temper needlessly and never punished children for a self-serving reason, she honestly thinks that passive Liz isn't simply following the sunken-chested, sloped-shouldered line of moaning, dull-witted least resistance in order to be praised for subjecting herself to being treated like an object by a dickhole. When she isn't blowing smoke about last chances and faith and fate, she's boasting about what's actually so much drifting as her fighting for her man.

Well, you can see why that is. Elly believes in sad miracles and that prairie and prayer mean the same thing really so she isn't a deep thinker. More on how her nebulous beliefs have infected and ruined the kids tomorrow.

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