dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Don't expose us to the threat of ridicule.

Remember how John was a great big panicky wet blanket because Elly floated the idea of deliberately having April at home? There's a companion strip to that which has him go nuts because she also floated trendy names instead of hiding behind tradition. The reason that I mention this is that when it came time to pick out names for Mike's kids, John started channeling Frank Zappa and suggested absurd name after absurd name. This is, of course, because he wouldn't have had to deal with the fall-out and wouldn't have dealt with it anyway without becoming a defensive prick.

This, of course, is because he and Elly share an alarming personality trait that warped the children: their mutual belief that humor is a form of aggression used to shame and control and blame the weak for not being able to defend themselves. Many is the time that John and Elly have said cruel things to children only to get upset when their own device is turned against them. After all, justice and humor belong only to the strong and the contemptible weak should be punished for not being able to protect themselves from the mocking voice or the hand that grabs away their useless crap. If they start thinking that they deserve fair treatment, they might also start thinking something else crazy: that other people's property means something.
Tags: john and elly fail parenting forever

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