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On the feelings of children and why they don't matter.

The most important way in which the Pattersons have warped their children into the antisocial and dependent monsters we see today has to do with how little their feelings mattered to John and Elly. As the endless array of strips that have a child throw a tantrum only to stop and move to where Mommy is indicate, Elly is clearly assuming that children don't have feelings about what adults do to them or what happens to them when they get hurt and only fake them to irritate and shame parents who simply want to be happy. The most gnawing example of this is when Lawrence broke his leg. I saw a little boy putting on a brave face only to break down when talking to his mother. Elly sees a monster who wants to deny his mother happiness because children love chaos and hate to see mothers do anything but slave over ungrateful brats who never appreciate the endless sacrifices made on their behalf.

John is slightly different but equally destructive; this is because he wants to not deal with the feelings of the children because he doesn't think children have anything to feel strongly about. Lizzie is too young to feel devastated because he makes a hatefully cruel comment about her appearance and too naive and uncaring to realize that stacked up to a problem a twelve year old child can't do a bloody thing about, problem hair and feeling like an outcast is silly. Mike needs his attitude adjusted because he has nothing to rebel against because John is perfect and, CHEE!!!!, when did we end up raising Princess April, eh? He'd find it nifty camping out in the rec room and want to help out Mike and Deanna so this feeling as if no one cares is just drama because kids love to complain about nothing.

The end result of having Elly assume that children only feel pain or confusion to keep her down and John believe that the horrible lives of his unhappy children are a nonstop romp is, of course, to help make Mike, Liz and April into antisocial monsters who ignore the effect their actions have on them and assume that a plea to remorse is being unreasonable. After all, no one cared about their feelings as children and they're great!
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