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The nature of the beasts: Michael.

To be fair to John and Elly, it is not as if they are completely to blame for how their children turned out. While it is true that being the horrible people they are did a lot of damage, it is ALSO true that the two of them could have been secular saints and still raised horrible children because Mike, Liz and April have a certain level of toxicity to their personalities that preclude them from growing up to be anything other than walking disaster areas who do untold damage to themselves and those around them.

This, of course, has to do with the fact that the three of them combine Lynn's wishing what her children were actually like with facets of her own personality. As by way of example, we have to remind ourselves that not only is Michael Lynn-as-creator, he is also Lynn-in-conflict-with-her-mother. The first tendency is why he hates the editors who clearly only want to pick him to pieces and laugh maliciously at his pain because they're arrogant know-it-alls that hate him because he wants to be happy too and why it is that he pathetically bellows to have the horrible half-people who, for reasons unknown, act as if they are curious about what he does even though he 'knows' that they shouldn't be because he's not curious about what other people do or how they think.

The secondary tendency, the need to wage war on the mother who should have submitted to an idealized father figure who seems to me to be little more than a spoiled child who needed a woman like Ursula to kick him in the seat of the pants and who should also have been a contented slave only too happy to praise whatever crap a lazy, spoiled, selfish and malicious jerk of a daughter created no matter what damage that would do simply to fill a hole in her soul that can't be filled ever, is why Mike seems to appallingly sexist and entitled.

Not only does he spend a retcon bitterly whining about how Anthony's evil, selfish wife wanted to plow through the glass ceiling to clearly make a fool of him and not because he's another unmotivated drone like him or Wilf Sobinski who needs a fucking kick in the ass to get him to move, he smugly assumes that despite years of Elly telling him to his stupid face that she still resents being thought of as being plopped down on this Earth to chase after an entitled brat who needs his arse kicked for him, he knows that she knows that she was destined to serve him and only seemed to have resented it because he was high-spirited.

What all this means is, of course, that Mike is akin to his creator in that he is still essentially a smug, malicious eight year old child who thinks the world rotates around him and that having a mother boss him is the worst thing ever (possibly because he doesn't like the implication that she kind of had to because he's not a self-starter) and is going to spend the rest of his life looking for surrogates for Elly to whine about because they hate cool kids like him who know better and should be loved and not have things that bore them expected of them.
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