dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The real meaning of Space Babes.

The odd thing about the Space Babe arc is that it is not simply a commentary on having to buy The Toy that every kid wants. We know Lynn well enough by now that it's going to be a given that we're going to get a stupid message about how silly it is to have to scramble to buy a child something just because other children have it and might use its absence to make her feel bad. Lynn would rather not admit to the power of peer pressure because she believes that only family and teachers get to tell children what to do and how to think and feel. The idea of a toymaker or some random child who doesn't have to clean up the mess doing so galls her.

We also know that she also tends to see the buying of a toy because a child wants it a challenge to her authority. If it weren't for her fear of censure by reproving outsiders, she'd love to flat out tell her children that either they love her or the toy; what she'd have done to avoid having to admit that her fear of looking foolish means more to her than her child's happiness would probably be some sort of song-and-dance routine about starving children and other things a six year old kid can do little to solve.

What interests me is that she claims to be exacting her revenge on a toy franchise for 'making' her get swept up in the hysteria. Apparently, inanimate objects conspired to make Lynn scramble to get something to placate a stranger's child so that they could laugh at her struggles. It's not her fault that she wanted to make a big shot of herself or got caught up in something she regrets...she has to be the victim of a plot against her. It's the authoritarian idiot in her saying that.
Tags: freefloating commentary

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