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Meanwhile, it always sucks to be Lawrence.

As we know, the New Year's arc is spent showing us that Greg and Connie have gotten married since the last time we saw her. While Elly delights in the fact that Connie has finally found the stability and respectability she's craved all her life, she, as always, tends to ignore the needs of the children caught in their wake. The reason that I mention this is that it isn't just Greg's children that get clobbered when he and Connie marry. While I've mentioned the fact that Molly and Gayle have to be crudely yanked from their homes in order that Connie can drink coffee with a judgmental dimwit who smugly defames a boy she'll never meet because of her own stupid issues and also so that Greg can remind us that he's a fearful petty tyrant more obsessed with his reputation than a silly thing called 'right and wrong,' they're not the only people being sacrificed on the altar of Connie's vanity and self-absorption.

This is because Lawrence also takes one in the shorts because he can't quite handle suddenly having four people boss him around in a heart-beat merely because it's convenient. Most of the strips up until now have shown a woman perplexed and angered by the fact that Lawrence has emotional needs that cannot and should not be turned off merely because they collide with her monomaniacal pursuit of the futile goal of gaining the approval of a sour old goat patriarch determined to be disappointed in her. Adding in two more children to squeal about because instant gratification takes too long might seem to complicate matters but it merely amplifies the sound of her squealing about wild animals who don't want her to be happy because if they did, they wouldn't question her decisions or hold her accountable for screwed-up decisions that make their lives worse so she can drink coffee with Elly and rub Ted's nose in her life and other messed-up garbage.

Lawrence's misery increased when Molly and Gayle left Milboring to be with their real mother instead of the dimwitted and clingy babysitter-slash-maid their jackass dad married out of a sick sense of charity. There she was being denied the chance to be thought of as better than the original and there was the horrible child whose presence kept him from finding what she thinks is happiness. His turning up gay was simply a detail because the old resentment of having to pay the price for being an imbecile would still be raging even if he were straight, married and had his standard two children.

This is because when Connie and Elly have that conversation next August, they're going to agree about a certain fact: Annie is stupid and spineless to believe the errant fallacy that it's not necessarily all one hundred percent a child's fault that he and a parent clash. Always and ever is the assumption that Elly and Connie are totally innocent of vanity, self-absorption, vindictiveness, blindness to effect of their actions and severe ambivalence about their lives. It's clearly the children being bad and dumping on all-loving, all-knowing and wonderful mothers who never once acted in their own self-interests and never had any sort of impulse to win no matter what. Annie's comments about actually being strongly ambivalent despite putting on appearances for the neighbors and regretting the need to win just to feel good about herself are obviously the ravings of a weak, selfish and incompetent person. The fact that her children seem to be so much better off than theirs is clearly the result of some sort of unfair evil magic.
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