dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The gut versus the mind....

As I keep saying, here and everywhere else and whenever I have the chance, the Pattersons by and large don't think farther ahead than the next five seconds. We've seen how Elizabeth seemed to be enthusiastically building a life for herself up North only to turn on a dime and rush back South on a whim just because of a random fluctation in the situation at home. Did it occur to her that she'd just alienated and angered a group of people who'd put their trust in her? Not so's you'd notice. Her thinking seemed to be that it was sad that these people felt let down but her heart wanted what it wanted. It didn't matter that the happy ending she put her faith in had only the slimmest chance of occuring, her gut said she had to do it and to heck with her nasty old mind. We've also seen Mike's sudden and almost incomprehensible-in-the-face-of-events decision to resign from his high-paying job merely because he had an impulse. He didn't and doesn't know that his book will be a success, that he can make a living being an author. In both instances, we are expected to praise them for following their hearts instead of their minds. Logic, thinking things through, planning for the future are the hallmarks of the anti-social and selfish, like John, April and Therese. Instead of listening to the nasty, cold voice in their heads that tells them that there are limits to human accomplishments and that only by preparing themselves for the morow can they be guaranteed to prevail, they should be listening to the warm, comforting, idiotic voice in their guts that tells them to drift around rudderless in hopes that a miracle will occur and fix everything. In the real world, people like the Pattersons would blindly stumble towards perdition. The reason that they're rewarded for their inability to focus on a goal is that, as I've said so many times before, their creator's greatest dread is being forced to endure that bummer trip squares like us try to force on her: linear logic. Simple as anything, she's still a citizen of Woodstock Nation who doesn't want the Man shoving his plastic rationality down her throat.
Tags: lynn versus the real world, one big oblivious family

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