dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

(No) sympathy for the doofus.

Now that it's Christmas Eve at the Pattermanse, we can look forward to an interesting thing. Said interesting thing is John's palpable relief that he doesn't have to go into debt this holiday season. One of the holiday traditions that isn't either him or Elly complain about how materialistic children are and how they should really be satisfied with less is him sitting at the kitchen table moaning at a stack of bills he has to pay. Elly has her month of thankless scurrying about beforehand and he has his month of thankless scurrying around afterward to pay for this excess. This seems to be an attempt to establish him as a sort of only sane man in that he's the only person who seems to be capable of paying attention to where the money is going.

The problem with that is that he seems to have no real problem lavishing what he still sees as being his money to spend however he sees fit on an ego-gratifying toy for himself. When Elly comes in talking about the need to have a kitchen that isn't a disaster area or an addition to the home to accommodate Martians, he whines piteously about how Mike's grandchildren will be paying off the debt. When he wants a Look-at-memobile in order to call attention to himself, it's an investment that will last the ages. This, as I've said before, tells us that what John objects to is not spending money like a drunken sailor. What he objects to is not somehow benefiting from it.
Tags: john - grinning weirdo

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