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On the care and feeding of man-children.

Of course, it isn't just Elly who's a familiar stranger to the people of Milborough. John himself has an image that he is not aware of. Said image is preserved for eternity on the cover of the collection "Pushing 40." As you will recall, we have to witness the dreadful and silly spectacle of Elly and the children exhausting themselves as they push John up the hill as he sits in the toy car clearly made for Michael. While they wheeze, he's got a big wide grin because he's about to make a ridiculous and sordid spectacle of himself playing with a child's toy because he allegedly needs excitement in his life. Worrying about the people inconvenienced by his 'harmless' actions is a terrible thing because it means that no one wants him to have fun and to always cry about people who should simply get over themselves because no one except him is the right age to be sensitive.

That, friends, is John's image to most of the random passers-by and Milborough mutants: a juvenile clown who spends his time playing with toys. While some realize that his being an overgrown kid transfixed by self-absorption and cruelty might be why the woman yells, others might assume that she ate away at his dignity and caused him to revert. Either way, it's agreed that the shouting idiot who spends her time with the scrawny weirdo who kicked her gay son out of the house because she thought that people cared bellowing about how impractical his ambitions are and the grinning freak dressed like an idiot deserve one another.

(That being said, he has a second image to anyone young, female and presentable: the slobbering perv who mentally undresses you in front of the shrew wife who thinks you WANT to be ogled by some ape who can't control his throbbing urges.)

Either way, their being horrible people explains a horrible thing: why and how their children grew up to be horrible people in their own horrible right.
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