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Foob and Prejudice.

Of course, this odd thing those people at the split-level did in treating their suburban rancher like some sort of castle to be handed down to the eldest son isn't the only thing that makes the locals wonder what century the Pattersons think they're living in. It's probably highly likely that their need to arrange matters so that their middle child married someone they'd vetted so as to solidify their relationship to a car dealership they have some sort of interest in reads less like the triumph of true love over adversity and more like some sort of business deal marriage out of a Brontë novel.

What's more troubling is that the middle daughter seems to think that she's come out ahead of the game owing to her having some vintage beliefs. The older people remember her as someone who could be counted on to dress younger than she actually was. This odd need the blank-faced, frowning baffled child had to trying to look cute and helpless despite her tendency to be as destructive as her scruffy brother probably seemed to have a lot to do with her daddy issues.

It also didn't escape their attention that the man chosen for her to save her from the scary outside world looked and acted like her father. While the Pattersons see Anthony's similarity to John as being a good thing, most people start mumbling about incest and act accordingly.
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