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They also foob, those who only stand and wait.

The most grating phenomenon of having to deal with the screaming idiot the dentist married is not her weird friendship with the scrawny bitch with the gay son. It is not that she's gushing about motherhood finally working out now that her children admit that they can't function without her. It isn't even that she doesn't realize what a ridiculous freak she looks like when she displays the lack of self-awareness that drove a wedge between her and the daughter that managed to escape. The most annoying aspect of her life is that she seems to not notice that she's treating people around her like vending machines because she and her idiot husband think that they did these people an awesome favour by existing.

As by way of example, most people look at the earnest striver at the auto dealership the Pattersons have decreed to be their beneficiary and realize that he'd have made money hand over fist if Train Man and his wife never met him. Mayes of Mayes Motors clearly has what it takes and he didn't get it by being Touched By A Patterson. The problem is that the Pattersons themselves don't realize this. It's like how they don't realize or want to admit that another of their 'beneficiaries' would have been better off if he'd been allowed to establish himself in adult society before being outed. Mike totally screwed up Lawrence's life because he's a vain halfwit but still the Patterswine see him as a valued friend who can do nice things for them instead of some poor sap that got screwed by these horrible people.
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