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The library job

Of course, the oddest thing of all about the very odd woman who used to have the dog and children roaming at large because she was too dumb to supervise them properly is that she seems to flee from places where she claims to have been humiliated. While they know that she didn't have the patience to wait for the people who ran the Valley Voice to get established and thus be able to pay her, she quit adult education in despair because the computers she didn't have the brains or patience to use were starting to infiltrate her world and she handed over her business to her competent lackey because she got bored with actually being in business. What they don't know is why the nut with the sandwich board never joined other protests and why she seems to avoid the public library.

If they did know that, it would further cement her reputation as one of history's greatest idiots. While it would irritate them to realize that she's been licking her wounds for the last thirty years after Radcliffe stole her crusade from her, what she thinks happened at the library would infuriate them. It would bother people to have to realize that she thinks that they all hate her and only pretended to like her but were actually laughing at her behind her back because not one of THEM volunteered to quit so she could keep her non-job. They'd start to think that Ayn Rand would call Elly an entitled bitch who needs her attitude adjusted....especially given that she's spent the last twenty years avoiding them because of the 'humiliation' of not being given what she wants, damn the cost.
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