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Molly The Martian.

The interesting thing about life six months from now is that we're going to be dealing with a heaping helping of deja vu when Molly makes the scene. When Lynn wrote 'The Lives Behind The Lines', she put a lot of effort of talking about a sort of dark aura of negativity that surrounded the girl and in Connie's bio, she made a lot of noise about how her dark influence over more tractable and Elly-loving Gayle made the girl go off with her birth mother and shiv poooooor Connie in the heart and deny her the chance to be anyone's mother of the bride and a whole host of other annoying whimpering that would probably be regarded as specious nonsense by a select committee of Scooby-Doo villains and bad guys from Totally Spies.

It seems to never have occurred to either Connie or Elly that maybe, the best thing to have done was to not consistently trivialize the girl's concerns. Sadly, trivializing the concerns of adolescent children is what both of them are really good at. Just as the Connie of 2016 still holds out hope that Lawrence will admit that being gay was a phase and present a vain half-wit with grandchildren, the Connie and Elly of 1987 lived to do unto them the same shit they hated when it was done to them by their parents. Take, as a for instance, Elly's pious, ill-informed and short-sighted crack about some boy she'll never meet being a jerk because Molly ain't heard from him. Oh, sure, she could be told later on that Greg and Connie are screening Molly's mail and answering the phone to keep her away from THAT BOY but Elly would still think that even if he wasn't a jerk, they should do the same thing Jim HAD to be doing to her because kids grow up too fast these days.

The problem is that she's making a problem for her family. Just as April would target the poor slob who made her feel insecure because she can't fight back against her parents, Molly found someone in the neighborhood she could terrorize in order to at least feel as if she's winning. This comes into play when she threatens to destroy Mike's reputation because she was mildly inconvenienced. It wouldn't have solved sweet Richard all because Greg would still vamoose in order to avoid having to feel guilty, Connie would still be a self-absorbed nutjob nailing herself to her cross, Elly would still be a pious blockhead AND she'd be thought of as a bully who went way too far on a relatively innocent kid because she was in a bad mood. Since she's been in the real world for about twenty years, she's more than likely ashamed of that phase of her life. This means that we'll have to wait for April to be thirty-five before she finally starts to cringe at the thought of lying about not being jealous and insecure.
Tags: mother-daughter cold war

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