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Connie didn't build that.

The oddest thing about Connie is the proprietary interest she takes in children not related to her. As we see in the coda to her liography, she looks at Molly's oldest daughter, notices her plain-spoken ways and takes pride that her spirit will live on in one of her grandchildren. The fact that Molly isn't her child means very little to Connie because of an eagerness to take credit for things she didn't do. A reasonable person would be just as likely to ascribe any such tendency in Little Mercurochrome to Greg's first wife, Nonamegiven....which, of course, disqualifies Connie and Elly and Lynn.

Ah, well. She's probably just as likely to take credit for Lawrence's success in life despite more or less washing her hands of him because he will never present him with the flesh grandchild she can wave in the air above a hole in the ground filled with a dead Franco-Ontarian misogynist who really wanted a son and yell "How do you like me now, Dad?" She isn't part of his day to day life because she's too busy talking to Elly or watching Greg play golf ineptly to do anything else but damned if she doesn't tell the whole blasted world that his success is a tribute to her excellence as a parent.

What this, of course, means is that Molly had to do most of the adjusting to get to relate to this person on a non-confrontational level. Said adjustment means seeing her for the pitiable and ludicrous figure she is instead of the monster she was supposed to be.
Tags: connie versus using her brain, connie: the real lynn

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