dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The crazy woman protection agency.

As you will no doubt recall, I believe that one of THE ugliest sequences in the strip rotated around the fact that Elly reacted poorly to April to quit pestering her about coming down for dinner. John's response was to not get April's side of the story but to get her to apologize NOW or she'd regret it. At the time, it looked as if he'd believed whatever hysterical bullshit Elly was squealing but, as you'll see, Greg Thomas's assbucketry points us to the truth. You see, the Liography tells us that the real reason he threw Lawrence out of the house had sweet dick all to do with his orientation and everything to do with the fact that Connie was making an ugly, hysterical ass of herself.

This tells us that the men of the Foobiverse reck not for right and wrong but see it as their duty to settle down crazy women over-reacting to trivia. In the later strip, we have Elly facing the horrible possibility of someone not happily kowtowing to her persistent and (judging by how God-damned helpless Mike and Liz really are) amazingly destructive nagging. In the earlier, we had the horrid crisis called "Scrawny, needy, clingy abomination cannot strut around and extract groveling apology from father's carcass: World Goes On Spinning." In both cases, sane, decent people would tell the crazy bitch doing the idiotic squawking to shut her fat bazoo. Since that is reserved for Pushy Ethnic Mira, gentlemanly behaviour (as conceived of by the crazy bitch who created the strip) mandates that the victim be the one to do the bending so that crazy bitchery can go unopposed and unquestioned.
Tags: freefloating commentary

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