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The Storm of 88

As you know, I like to skip ahead a year every so often because I think that after the epilogue, Lynn should have just gone to straight reprints and published the strip from 1 September 1980. If she'd been smart about it instead of making a confused mess of her continuity, we'd be dealing with the first real slice-of-life arc in which they had to deal with a huge snow-storm that hit the Toronto-Hamilton area in 1988. We started things off with John stupidly trying to tell Elly that she might as well not go out in the storm that would leave her stranded because he gave her non-job its right name and ended with the children (and him) stranded until the plows came out. Also, her car got its side caved in by a plow and she had to use a rental for a few weeks.

The reason that I mention that is that she can't go around and state that the strip is timeless. This is because in the thirty years or so since the kids and teachers were all wetting themselves at having to stay in school overnight, school boards and libraries have taken to preemptively closing down for the day when the forecast indicates that it would be prudent to do so in order to avoid having people getting stranded. Also, the same John who should have known better than to antagonize Elly would have have called whoever was there and told them to close the clinic for the day because police were warning people not to go out in crappy weather. This means that instead of people huddling in darkened schools and office buildings, we'd have had a colder reprise of the camping arc.
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