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Connie's skewed priorities.

Of course, the irritating thing about Elly's being forced to spend time with her family is that the next day, she'd be complaining about the horror to a far crazier person: Connie. From the very beginning in which they whined about how their children never took them seriously despite making threat after threat they didn't bother carrying out to the very ending when they complained about how long it took for parenting to pay off, Connie always seemed to have even stupider and crazier priorities than Elly did. All Elly seems to want out of life is to feel good about things despite being biologically and psychologically incapable of being happy. She's a marvel of sanity compared to her friend.

Take, as by way of example, the arc in which Mike got a hair up his stupid ass because Lawrence was trying to avoid getting himself in a mess he didn't need and couldn't easily extricate himself from because the big dope thought (and likely still thinks) that Lawrence wanted to humiliate him by pretending to be straight. Greg's need to settle down Connie by getting rid of the person upsetting her is horrible and craven but at least he's an understandable evil. After the screaming and whining about how she'd try to accept this horrible thing that destroyed her hopes of being presented with a grandchild so as to prove her excellence was over, she ignored the ramifications of having a gay son to focus on something that really mattered to her: giving the dog she adopted in response to Elly having a child when she couldn't really 'prove' her love for Greg by having his baby a nickname.

Hmm. Weird. Most of the odd crap she does in her life like chase down reluctant males to have her own John Patterson and colonization of the lives of a stranger's daughters seem to have the singular and bizarre purpose of trying to be a bargain basement version of Elly Patterson. It's as if she looks at the frazzled and slow-witted mess that everyone else sees as a peevish, self-destructive nutjob who blames her children for her own stupidity and ineptitude and says "I want to be just like her" instead of "There but for the grace of God go I."
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