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Elly will worry her life away.

Now to get back to the snowstorm arc, I'd like to call your attention to a Sunday strip that was published at roughly the same time in which Phil terrifies her by hauling out a camcorder, taking a video of her and the family and forcing her to watch. She hates what she sees because of two factors: her appearance and her voice. She can't believe that she looks like the person she sees on the screen and can't believe that her voice sounds the way it does to other people. Simply put, it angers, saddens and fascinates her that she sounds like an angry, short-tempered and stubborn loudmouth. What makes things worse is that John and her mother are right to tell her that she doesn't so much need to lose a fictitious ten pounds that isn't actually what's making her miserable as she needs to learn to stand up straight instead of being slumped over as if someone turned up the gravity on her.

Accepting this is a no-go, though. Accepting that the 'pot' would go away if she didn't slump forward as if the weight of ten worlds was on her shoulders would mean accepting that her problems aren't what they think they are and not as serious as she believes. If she can't behave as if everything is a potentially lethal threat that cannot be laughed off, she believes that no one will take her seriously and think of her as a pathetic zero who they can only laugh at. The problem is that people actually think of her as a humorless psycho running around in a blind panic over ghosts, lies and bullshit married to a boorish stick-in-the-mud who, while being the chapter president of the League of Misinformed Voters, cannot tolerate any sort of screw-up by those around him.
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