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Exploiting a character flaw for fun, profit and peace of mind.

The interesting thing about next week is not just that we give Connie a place to move to when Mrs Baird decides to sell her house. The interesting thing is that Elly decides that it would be the perfect place for Phil to move to. Phil's reaction to this prospect is blind panic for a very good reason. That very good reason wears her hair in a ponytail, carries a grudge and calls her corrosive, demeaning nagging helpful suggestions. The idea of moving next to Elly terrifies Phil for the very good reason that he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life being lectured to about how awful he is for getting everything handed to him on a tray while she was made into a servant in her own home because she didn't have the right plumbing or be subjected to the emotional bullying and smug, unearned superiority that defines her as a person.

Given that most of the stress in his life seems to relate to his parents holding up his always angry idiot older sister as someone to emulate because she's leaving behind more of her kind so no one will forget, it's a very good thing that he remembers one of her more baffling character traits: a horror of actually having to go to strange places to visit people. He's got no problem with going to other places to pay social calls on friends but he knows that for some odd reason, Elly seems to see that as being something like a defeat. While he doesn't understand why the poor stupid woman is transfixed by the idea that to visit instead of being visited is the moral equivalent of having someone's boot on her neck, he can use it to his advantage and does so when he buys a house on the other side of town. A regular person would have no problem going to his place whenever she saw fit. Watching Elly never actually visit his place or go to Montreal to pay a call on him tells us that this odd fear is keeping her and her non-stop whining about a dead past and endless unsolicited and biased advice away from him. This is why Phil will always be better than Elly. He knows her better than she cares to know herself.
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