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The vanishing of Annie Nichols: the real story.

One thing that you'll notice in a few months' time is that Elly hasn't the vaguest notion in her head why it is that Annie is not overjoyed that Connie is moving back to town. While Annie's Liography has her recoil in horror from Connie's flouting of the old pieties and shudder in disgust at the thought of her bastard son running around in public as if he belongs there, the truth is much less racist and sectarian and for more a realization that she's dealing with someone who's too dishonest with herself to admit that she plays favourites. Whatever it is Connie has that she doesn't, she knows that Elly only pretended that she accepted the substitutes that were her and Mrs Enjo.

This means that she knows better than Elly does that the 'friend' that friend zoned her over coffee breathed a sigh of relief that she could go back to thinking of the portly blond woman with the three kids and no real ambition in life as a poorly-paid babysitter to be disposed of the second she could find an excuse to drop an unneeded part of her life. While Elly would later go on to claim that she stopped seeing Annie because she couldn't stand watching her forgive the man she should have divorced, the fact is it took three years for her to decide this. What actually happened is that Annie decided she could make more money at the hotel than she could bratting for the Pattersons. This tells us that being a doormat is pretty much okay but inconveniencing Elly Patterson is unforgivable.
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