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On retired husbands and why John is superior

It sometimes bothers me that we don't really get to see a look at modern-day life at the Patterson house now that Lynn has come to the insane conclusion that since Elly was done with parenting because April was all grown up at seventeen and Liz's future was secure, the Patterson's story had come to an end. This is because we don't get to see what life is really like now that John is fully retired.

The reason that I mention this is that when Elly celebrated being the impossibly decrepit age of fifty, she, Annie and Connie stood about whining about how awful it would be for her when John finally retires. I halfway expected the show runners for BBC's 'Last Of The Summer Wine' to show up with a Cease and Desist order to stop Lynn's unauthorized cribbing from the Ladies' Tea Circle segment wherein the sixty-something female characters commiserated about how retired men with nothing to do presented an obstacle to busy women.

Annie complained that Steve had become a carping nuisance who sat on his fat ass making passive-aggressive comments about how she should cook and clean more like his mother while Connie moaned about Greg's obsession with golf. The two of them both warned Elly that John would become an active part of her daily life and she'd be worse off for it. Imagine her relief that the prophecy has yet to come to pass. It's pretty obvious that John's retired years are less of a burden on Elly than Greg and Steve's are on Connie and Annie because his holing up in an alcove presents less of a nuisance than the active interest the lesser husbands take in the day to day life of their wives. It's as if he's still at work and thus not a hindrance to her living her life the way she's used to living it. Now that the kids are out of the picture, she's finally liking this marriage deal.
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