dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Irony: a word that doesn't exist in Foobonia

The thing that strikes me most about the happy land of Foobonia is that there are no hidden meanings in anything they say or do. Every possible statement they make means EXACTLY what they mean without any tricky or annoying nuances. In the real world, of course, they'd constantly have to be reminded that someone they thought was paying them a compliment wasn't. That's because the madwoman at the helm, like a lot of superficial people, doesn't like irony. In her mind, making a statement to suggest its opposite is inherently bad. Human communication should consist of people baldly stating the points that concern them without stooping to muddy the waters by being 'insincere.' This explains why the humor in this strip is so bloody forced. We have a woman who refuses to understand irony and sarcasm trying to fake it. The reason she doesn't get or like irony is that she's fairly shallow and refuses to look too closely into other's minds. Her lack of self-awareness makes her claim to be an accurate observer of the human condition all the more ludicrous.
Tags: lynn versus the real world

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