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On being fatigued by fogeys.

Of course, 'fogey' isn't just used to describe Elly's irritating tendency to bellow about how her life is all used up. Liz used it to describe a road trip and April went on about twenty years or so ago. As you will recall, John and Elly drove to the West Coast and spent all of their time either driving as fast as possible past obstructions like cities, amusement parks or anything that might delight the under-twenty eye or spending hours on end touching base with old friends while their bored children sat in the background being told to hush up or go away if they didn't stop complaining about having nothing to do or nothing to be allowed to talk about. While Will made a sort of telling aside about how his ridiculous idiot John's memory was somewhat self-serving, it was Marian that really ruined the trip by indulging Lizzie's odd need to walk around a shopping mall instead of being exposed to uplifting things that were good for her.

To make things worse, Marian asked that hurtful and embarrassing question "What exactly were you thinking, Elly? Did it ever occur to you to ask what Lizzie and April might like to see?" and then indulged Lizzie by taking her to some boring mall instead of something that would teach her that what children like is really bad for them. To hear her mother who never once thought well of her speak, she and John were a pair of foolhardy cretins who seemed to believe that the point of taking children on vacation was to browbeat them into obedience and make them ashamed of being young and happy. She's not some daft imbecile who thinks that the world would end if the kids had fun on a trip, she just wants them to learn how great the country is and know their family history and agree that the things that attract them are horrible things to be avoided because they are not to their loving parents' tastes. Meanwhile, Marian's telling her bridge club about how she hopes that it doesn't take Elly as long as she did to learn that rigid, inflexible parenting that assumes that a child is an enemy to be defeated just creates more problems than it solves.
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