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Thou shalt not know: John's zeroth commandment.

As I've said before, this whole irritating business about calling April a princess is simply another symptom of John's primary character defect. As history reminds us, he does not really want to know who the people around him are and what they want but instead sees the people in his life as stereotypes. April is a melodramatic little princess who doesn't understand the big picture because teenaged girls are melodramatic princesses who don't understand the big picture. Liz spent most of her teenaged years being moody about nothing because teenaged girls are moody over nothing. Mike had a bad attitude and needed to be set straight because teenaged boys have bad attitudes and need to be set straight. Anthony is an earnest go-getter because he looks like one. Thérèse is a crazy person who turned her back on the good life because John can't and won't question a system that gives him an edge because he's a white man. Elly spent her life wanting things that probably weren't good for her because the alternative to ascribing everything to hormones is that he's a selfish jackass who'd rather have her miserable than be inconvenienced slightly.

While it's true that John doesn't like questioning his preconceived ideas because he doesn't want to look in the mirror and see the loutish, oafish, insensitive, pig-ignorant, selfish and self-serving creep filled with contempt for the people he rides rough-shod over he actually is, the mystery is how two normal people raised him to be a petty monstrosity with a fear of being blindsided by an objective reality that makes a turd of him. What seems to make the most sense comes to us when we recall his need to make a childish fool of himself at his family's expense. If I'm right, what we're looking at is someone who was forced to take on adult responsibilities sooner than was good for him. Will and Carrie's Liography seem to point us to this conclusion by referring to it being medically necessary for Will to take up something less strenuous than working in a coal mine. It could be that while he was laid up, John had to be the man of the house and it warped the Hell out of him because while his peers were doing normal teenage stuff, he had to spend a lot of time being The Big Man while his dad's back was on the mend; this would explain his yearning to be one of the kids and his inflexibility.
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