dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Foobery By Association: The 2016 Edition.

As we all know by now, Elly is a terrible neighbor who makes Milborough a worse place to live. She witlessly sweeps her back porch the second it gets dirty because she's trying to impress people. She bars her children out of her house so they can wander around like lost souls for hours on end because she's always been too fragile to cope with even the mildest stress. She lets her brain-damaged dog wander around at large like an idiot because she's kind of too stupid to be trusted with anything more challenging than a pet rock. She stands around bellowing in public like a shock horror movie's idea of an escaped mental patient. She engages in witless public crusades that make people want to tear down theatres. She stands there letting herself get humiliated when her husband mentally undresses young women with his eyes. She's got all the qualifications for being the Neighbour From Hell because of one salient fact: she associates with idiots as repellent as she is.

This is because Connie and Annie are horrible people in their own right and are also to be avoided. While I've covered what it is about Connie that makes people want to not especially be around the scrawny, crazy, gold-digging, child-neglecting, Elly-envying, respectability-hungry, emotionally needy monstrosity with the glasses, let's remind ourselves of why Annie doesn't have many friends. First off, we have to deal with the fact that she spent most of her life in a state of denial about the asshole she married. No one wants to chill with some dozy hen who smugly informs you that despite Steve looking and acting like a layabout whose big dreams collapse the second he realizes that he's gotta actually get off his ass and not watch the game and also looking and acting like he's treating her like a maid and nanny that takes care of his house while he goes off in search of something cute and fuzzy to chase down a rabbit-hole, she insisted that he was a loyal go-getter who'd some day do all the stuff he promised. Also, no one wants to be around a doormat parents who actively lets her kids run hog-wild any more than they want to be around Elly and her passive need to let her child rampage through the neighborhood because she cannot be bothered watcing them. Simply put, people are glad that the three worst parents in the district are on the same block. It makes it easier to tell their own kids where they don't want them being.
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