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My little deduction: Tax relief is magic.

As I type this, I do so in the knowledge that yet again, tax forms are sweeping the land and spreading gloom across the Foobiverse. While no one I've ever met actually likes paying taxes and most people would follow any random idiot that promises to simplify tax time, no one in the comics pages I've met are as pissed off as the Pattersons...mostly because John stupidly thought that Elly was capable of organizing her life without having to someone threaten to shoot her in the face with a bazooka. The very early years of the strip depicted a family that was treading water because the dull-witted paterfamilias insisted on saving money doing his taxes himself and thus exposing his financial records to an oblivious twit wife whose system is simpering that math is hard as she leaves him with the mess and clumsy imbecile children who think tax forms and calculators are toys.

As I said before, the reason that this is a problem is that the dim bulb's thinking that since he can drill teeth, he can also manage his own business is that he probably fails to exploit tax deductions that he's supposed to claim because he can't understand that Revenue Canada is telling him "Hey, Stupid! We're telling you to write childcare costs off your taxes for a reason!" As I've also said before, once he does turn his affairs over to that swell Anthony, he's going to be mildly delighted because for reasons that aren't that he's a simpleton who paid too much taxes because he thinks being a literal-minded nitwit makes him honest, he's going to get a packet back from the Feds in overcharges. This means that Anthony will be a saviour because understands a tax code John is too dim to penetrate. What it also means is that since John can't admit that he's a moron, he's still going to be angry at Mike, Liz and April for costing him so much and not providing for him.
Tags: john versus reality

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