dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The scary old lady and how no one will miss her.

As I type this, I do so knowing that Mike and Lizzie's abandonment issues are clouding their judgment as regards where Thelma Baird is to found dead in her sleep next June. We see someone in her eighties who simply can't live on her own any longer and who wants to live out her days in some sort of dignity. To children whose nightmares involve the fleeing legs of a mother who blames them for not being good enough to stay with, the idea that someone is ditching them is one that does not sit well. Once again, a friendly face is going away because of some reason that probably has to do with them being bad kids or something. This is sort of a bummer because the kids need to know that not all adults are screechy, judgmental and unyielding imbeciles like Elly with her aversion to cooking food kids might like to eat and also to making them feel like something not scraped off of a shoe.

The reason that I mention this is that we're about fifteen years away from Elly being an old lady who has to be sent to an assisted living center because she's too old to live in the Tiny Train House on her own. While there will be a period in which she's used as a sort of living trophy to see who's loved more, at some point, she'll have to go to the seniors complex so as to wait things out until she meets her cremator. This is where her being a stand-offish, brittle, short-tempered, screechy and unsympathetic old dolt comes into play to almost make one believe that justice can be done in this world. That's because she will never have a Mike or Lizzie beg her to not leave them. The children of tomorrow will be somewhat relieved that the scary, angry old woman who sweeps porches all day long with the same broom she flies around on all night is going to go away and not gobble them up after boiling them down in her cauldron.
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