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Sunday in the background with Mira and Elly

As you know, any sort of honest biography of Deanna would probably point out something Deedoormat is at pains to ignore. Said unwelcome thought that she doesn't want to cross her mind is that Mira and Elly vary in degree and not in kind. Elly wants to do much the same things as Mira does and is only stopped by an absence of what the British call 'moral fibre' and what I call force of will. We have the same general need to think of her children as still reliant on her guidance, the same prickly refusal to listen to the terrible, character-building phrase "Oh, shut up, Mom!" and the same general disdain for the idea that she's being a pain in the ass.

What this means is that instead of thinking that heroic Elly suffering from the depredations of pushy ethnic monster Mira, most people assume that the only reason Elly and Mira aren't friends is that Mira doesn't give Elly what she wants (total domination of the conversation) when she wants it but instead subjects Elly to being pushed around for a change. While the more reflective will point out that neither woman is quite capable of realizing this and will learn nothing from it, it is nice to see Elly getting a steaming-hot plate of karma in her lap. The odd thing that will be commented on is the fact that even if they weren't in-laws, the two of them are too similar to co-exist for very long. At some point, heads are going to butt.
Tags: background pattersons, evil mira

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