dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

'I threw it all away'......

Now that Thérèse has returned to the strip, it would seem that the most obvious thing to do would be for her to publicly reject Françoise so as to establish Elizabeth as the better woman, the one who picked up what her rival threw away in her folly. As howtheduck mentioned on his blog yesterday, there's a silghty more subtle way of handling things: making Thérèse admit that she was wrong to do this and that Liz was the better woman all along. This story arc would neatly parallel the conclusion of April's rivalry with Becky. Just as Rebecca-with-an-H mourns the loss of her friends so she could be a bird in a gilded cage, the bright, shiny hopes Thérèse had could have been proven to been a lie. We could well see a remorseful woman telling her rival not to screw up doing the job as wife and mother she selfishly abandoned and can't get back. You and I might assume that she'd fight Liz for the white picket fence lifestyle but Lynn may have other plans. She might have the woman think she doesn't measure up to the Patterson standard and not try to.
Tags: blandthony, francoise, liz: whining martyr, sitting duck therese

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