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This just in: apparently, girls are stupid: Liz, Dawn and the others.

As we know, Lynn loves her some stereotypes. This is why she has Brian being a rather boring over-achiever because his creator subscribes to the belief system that maketh Average Asian Bobby Lee turn into ANGRY Asian pissed off at stupid Caucasians. One would think that she'd repeat history and make Dawn into another brainiac in order to make Lizzie feel anxious about having the poor study habits, unhelpful parents, tendency to blame other people for her failings and undiagnosed myopia that lead to her horrible grades.
While Lynn didn't do that, she did do something else that reminds us where John got his habit of seeing people as what stereotype he associates with their societal niche by making Dawn into an airhead.

This is because it's depressingly obvious that like Liz, Dawn, Candace and Shawna Marie were injected into the strip to help prove that girls have certain inescapable mental peculiarities that have always and will always hamper the female of the species. The first such tendency is the appalling gullibility that Lynn likes to use in order to explain away peer pressure. Rather than admit that the reason that a child comes along and has to wear the same clothes as his or her peers is that said offspring has been placed in an artificial environment that makes a penitentiary look like an oasis of civility, Lynn wants us to believe that children are silly little sheep playing follow-the-leader because they don't have the force of will to get smart and mindlessly obey their parents.

Second, we have to contend with the fact that crazy scary puberty hormones cloud girls' judgments and ruin friendships. When she simpers about how awful it is that Dawn has a friend who isn't her or how terrible it is that Anthony gets tired of waiting for her to make a move and seeks out someone with initiative, Liz hasn't always been some clingy, obsessive and possessive weirdo who expects the world to be handed to her on a silver tray, it's teenage drama hormones having their way with her. This, I should think, is why Dawn's Liography skips over her teenaged years and goes straight to finding Mr NoLastName; all Lynn hears when a girl is present is "MATH CLASS IS HARD!!!"
Tags: lynn fails the bechdel test.

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