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Having it all versus throwing what you don't want away....

What is it that really, truly bothers Lynn about Thérèse? Is it that she has a career? As howtheduck reminded me, not really. Elly's primary lament was that she wanted to contribute more to society than raising children, cleaning the Pattermanse and cooking greaseburgers with extra bacon. Deanna and Connie are praised for doing something more useful than wiping runny noses and Liz will get her props for juggling Françoise's needs with her lesson plans. In Lynn's mind, a woman with children can have a career as long as she raises the kids. Elly, Connie and Deanna are moms first, you see. Thérèse is condemned for not having the moral fibre to do what Lynn thinks is her primary job. It doesn't matter that she'd be a horrible parent because the Pattersons are horrible too; she's gotta do it, lousy or not.

It isn't just women who are the subjects of Lynn's progressive-up-to-a-point world view. In the Foobiverse, it's clear that Father's most important job is to be the primary wage-earner; any nurturing he may provide is simply frosting on the bread-winner cake. A devoted dad who lets his wife rule the finacial roost is in Lynn's eyes letting himself, his kids and everyone down. This is why Mike, Gord and John are great dads and why she lionizes a shallow manipulator like Anthony. They had the Good Father laurels handed to them while Captain Creeptastic had to fight for them.
Tags: blandthony, gordo, john - grinning weirdo, liz: whining martyr, lynn: progressive conservative icon, mikerobe: the universal infant, sitting duck therese

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