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On limiting factors and Lizzie's isolation.

The interesting thing about Lynn's talking about how she had big plans for Melody Morrison but abandoned them because she had too many characters in her strip is that she probably doesn't want to admit that she's not telling the whole story. While she claims to be faithfully following Schulz's not actually relevant advice about minimalism, her need to keep the cast pared down to a manageable level probably stems from the fact that even if she hadn't talked it over with him, she'd still have the Pattersons existing in something like a void because she simply can't be bothered with homework-like things like model sheets and notes and continuity. As I've said before, she seems to be averse to spending a lot of time doing things the proper way because she's hampered by what they call the centipede's dilemma. If she has to think about what she's doing, she gets paralyzed with fear and doubt so has to just rush through and do a crap job to get anything done. This is why when she has Mike serve as a mouth-piece for her talking about how big a waste of time homework that bores her was, she wants there to be a pill that makes you instantly good without all that hard work that makes you feel bad because it is bad.

What she doesn't seem to realize that in giving the Pattersons a minimalistic social circle, she's making it look as if that there might be some reason that people don't actually want to hang out with Mike, Liz and April. Francesco Marciuliano is deliberately trying to prove that Ted Forth's being an immature jerk obsessed with petty victories and junk culture, Sally's stand-offish and superior nature and Hilary's being a full-on wacko singing songs about werewolves getting audited make most of their neighbours cross the street to avoid the lunatic family of creepiness, Lynn has unwittingly created a situation in which people seem to go to great lengths to avoid her 'wonderful' family for compelling reasons. Five'll get you that that the leading reason was last seen wearing her hair in an unflattering bun and screaming about being done with motherhood. Simply put, it looks as if mothers are warning their kids to stay the Hell the way from that crazy idiot who lets her kids and dogs wander around the neighbourhood like lost souls at all hours of the day.
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