dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On not outgrowing dropping drama bombs

As we know, the depressing payoff of the current arc is Lizzie saying that she cannot wait until she's a grown up because they don't do the irritating thing Paula did and deliver a big, stupid ultimatum about how there can be only one best friend. This begins a trend of Liz making adults sigh a wistful sigh of hating to break the bad news to her about how they don't actually have love and life figured out either. Here she is, wondering when people are going to start treating each other right and not seeing that she'll have to wait a very long time for that to happen.

The sad part is that we're also dealing with someone who doesn't see herself as having the horrible capacity for destruction and malice that she wields like a bludgeon. She has no idea that she's been the same peevish jerk to Dawn when she delivered her own big, stupid ultimatum about choosing between her and Shawna-Marie and she doesn't admit that most of the reason she'll always hate Therese is that she was told where she could and could not go and couldn't handle that well. Hell, she made Mike make the most sense when he warned her not to rub Therese's nose in the fact that as far as she saw it, she was always going to be in second place to some girl Anthony barely really dated in high school.
Tags: lizzie the isolated, the middle years

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