dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On the care and feeding of frienemies.

The odd thing about Paula is not the fact that she only has two arcs before she vanishes from the strip. The odd thing is that said two arcs (she forces a big, stupid dilemma on Lizzie and she makes a big jerk of herself showing off to Lizzie) tend to set a sort of pattern for the sort of person a Patterson seeks out as a friend. Just as Mike likes to hang out with people who make him make a fool of himself and just as April will associate herself with another horrible person who makes her feel bad and uses her as a stooge in a war she's fighting with a sitting duck, Liz seems to gravitate towards nasty people who make her feel stupid.

What usually seems to happen is that a Patterson will blunder his or her way into an argument and take a side he or she should possibly not have taken. What currently seems to be happening is that Lizzie got caught in the middle of some beef Paula and Melody were having and she didn't stop to check who was less of an annoyance. As we'll see, Melody is simply something of a ditz who's really bad at understanding directions while Paula's a creep. It's like how Liz will eventually spend a lot of time being talked into working against her best interests because she doesn't understand social norms well enough to tell a foe from a friend. It's also a lot of the reason why April always seemed to keep forgetting that she'd made up with Becky. What would generally happen is that Eva Warzone (who's also jealous of Becky) would show up, feed April some line about how Becky was trying to destroy them with her celebrity power and the Martian would obediently forget her resolve to treat her friend like a friend.
Tags: freefloating commentary

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