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For Better Or For April: the stealth continuation.

Now to get back to the April project, it does appear as if the concept of pretty much picking up where Lynn left off might be the real best way of continuing on with the Patterson saga. The parents who buy the books for their kids to introduce them to this great strip they loved years ago only for it to end in a cloud of baffling on-line hostility and real life marital acrimony might not quite get the point of focusing on Farley-killing teenager April but the kids themselves would probably identify quite readily with a victim of yuppie idiot non-parenting and saboteur friends.

What's more, the Syndicate would also like to have as lead someone who isn't tainted by association with the sort of torch the franchise and run tactics Lynn was trying to pull. Of all of the key players, April is the only one not to assume sight unseen that her story was supposed to end merely because Lizardbreath settled for the far less that is Anthony. John and Elly were too bloody ready to declare that they were done being parents when we were hit with that lavender-and-teal abomination, Liz thought that her story ended when she got hitched and Mike seemed content to fade into nothingness because his cycle was somehow complete having bought the house he grew up in. Only April seemed to be looking ahead to an active future.

If this does happen, we can probably expect something akin to my dream project wherein we'd get a hagiography of goofy kids who 'need' the love of 'attentive' parents and a demonology of super-bad people who insist on not stepping aside when a Patterson shows up. If you'll allow me, I'd like to share my idea of what the characters should actually be.
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