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For Better Or For April: Gerald's profile.

Name: Gerald Forsythe Delaney.

Age: 17

The eldest son of one of Gavin Caine's partners, Gerald is the band's drummer and also their driver. His goal in the Battle Of The Bands is to finally put an end to April's counter-productive and false belief that Becky is trying to destroy everyone with her fake, impossible star power.

Positive Traits:

Professionalism: Much like Becky, he thinks that the idea of treating the band like a silly hobby that should be put away like John Patterson wants is something of an insult as it implies that they're simply wasting their time on frivolity when they should be preparing to be a figure of 'dignity' like the hypocritical man-child April over-generously refers to as a father.

Awareness of Parental Opinion: Unlike April and Eva, Gerald's parents actually communicate directly with him and follow his progress. They also keep him up to speed on what people really think about the obnoxious buffoon of a dentist in the Mr Conductor costume and his insane wife.

Wide Social Circle: Unlike the relatively isolated April, Gerald has a wide circle of friends he can call on in a pinch. Since they don't subscribe to the idiotic favor bank mentality of the Patterson family, he doesn't waste his time worrying about paying people back because they've got his back.

Negative Traits:

Laddishness: Gerald is hampered by the need to be one of the boys. Like Mike Patterson before him, trying to impress the lads with his prowess and machismo makes him behave in a stupider, coarser fashion than is actually advisable.

Shortsightedness: He's not exactly what you'd call a big picture thinker and it shows. He can't quite see what he's doing to antagonize April when he shrugs off complaints about being insensitive about her beloved grandfather and to the special needs kids.

Peacemaker: While it might seem to an outside observer that Gerald's lack of patience with the one-sided hatred April and Eva feel for Becky is a positive trait to be encouraged, what we, the readers, have to realize is that the one thing keeping April from giving up like her parents want her to IS the need to defeat a straw man.
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