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For Better Or For April: April's profile.

As it was with my dream continuation, the April series would have to have certain ground rules established in order to avoid looking like a fanfic of the ass-pull kind. First off, we'd have to establish who the heroes and villains are, what they want and why. In said spirit, I present the profile of our main character.

Name: April Patterson.

Age: 17

Profile: The youngest daughter of John and Elly Patterson. Founder, guitarist and lead singer of 4 Evah and Eva. Doesn't plan on making music a career but does plan on winning the upcoming Battle Of The Bands in order to pay her own way through university owing to her mistaken belief that her parents have far less money than they actually have.

Positive Attributes:

Good Work Ethic: Unlike most her older brother and sister, April doesn't need a lot of prodding in order to get her to work on a project nor does she succumb to frustration as readily as they do. This sort of makes her an outlier in her family because she takes after her dad far more than she takes after her mother; given that Dad tends to see it as his job to soothe Elly's nerves first and be a father a distant second, this drive to excel causes friction between her and her mother.

Loyalty to friends: April tries her best to be loyal to people she considers friends and expects loyalty in return. The problem is that she's sort of sheltered and immature so doesn't quite understand the pressure placed on the people who stand in her way. Unlike most of her family, she will grow out of that but not during the story itself.

Insight: While her elders might think of her as being a naive child, April knows more about what's going on around her than a John or a Deanna might credit her for. She's well aware that the promised 'sweet suite' is probably going to be someone else's apartment and alludes to that fact to the chagrin of her parents.

Negative Attributes:

Immature thought processes: April is a very sheltered young woman who spent too much time being the cute kid of the family. As such, she tends to have a shockingly narrow mind by times as well as an appalling tendency to turn minor slights and inconveniences into things far greater and more ominous than they actually are.

Insecurity: Her parents' refusal to really engage with her as a child owing to her mother's inability to really coexist with children for very long and her father's wishing for another passive doll child like Liz instead of the active kid she was and is has left her with the belief that there's a good reason that she's not paid attention to. As it will be with her narrow vision of loyalty, her realization that John and Elly were the problem instead of her will take place long after the events recorded in this series.

Jealousy: While she's loathe to admit it owing to her simplistic belief that possession of the trait to the least degree would make her a monster to be avoided, her deep-seated insecurity and the trust issues that are the shadow of her loyalty make her bitterly envious of a Becky she sees as wanting to take all she has because she can. Again, she'll have to put distance between herself and enablers to see beyond this.
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