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For Better Or For April: Eva's profile.

As we all know, Lynn really didn't put a Hell of a lot of thought into the band of tokens she surrounded the Patterson children with. All we really know about Eva is that she says 'sensible' things to April about how she should be glad that she's not a refugee in a war zone and that she bitterly hates Becky for some reason. The problem is that we can't really surround people with flat characters like that unless we're writing a grade Z Canadian Content Jem and the Holograms story. With that in mind, I present to you Eva Warzone with what I consider depth.

Name: Eva Abuya.

Age: 17

The daughter of wealthy immigrants, Eva is the keyboard player and back-up vocalist for 4 Evah and Eva. The reason she wishes to win the upcoming Battle Of The Bands is mostly to prove herself to her busy parents and also slightly to avenge a perceived slight from someone whose intentions she misinterpreted.

Positive Attributes:

High Social Standing: Since she's the daughter of one of Milborough's financial and social elite, Eva is better at dealing with social functions than the upper and lower middle class kids that she finds herself teamed up with and used to a certain level of deference from sales clerks.

Thinks on her feet: Eva is more observant of her surroundings than April was raised to be and often sees opportunities that she misses. She also adapts more rapidly to changing conditions than most of her peers and has a plan of sorts while they're still trying to process what's happened to them.

Seeker For Justice: Like April, she has a firm idea of what constitutes proper behaviour. Also like April, she's too sheltered to really understand nuances. This means that while most of the time, she's a great person to have around, when someone is mistakenly believed to be lacking in gratitude, we're dealing with a problem called her being a loudmouth.

Negative Traits:

Insensitivity: Eva's often too blunt for her own good owing to her belief that filtering what she has to tell people is akin to falsehood. As such, she can say horrible things while believing herself to be a wonderful friend.

Naive and Literal-minded: Like Josef Weeder before her, she has the foolish belief that the physical distance of her parents means that they are emotionally absent as well. This leads her to make the foolish assumption that since Elly and John are always hovering around April's house that they aren't light-years away from the child. Given that April was functionally an orphan raised by her dying grandfather, this leads to difficulties.

Fear Of Being Replaced: She'll deny it but she's afraid that April and Becky will finally reconcile for good and leave her on the outside looking in despite April's not actually wanting that to happen. This is why she likes to volunteer biased information that implies that the Becky who simply wants her friend back is filled with hostile intent.
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