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Technical Note Two: The transfer perplex.

Of course, it's not just the underacknowledged racism that made Lynn give Dawn slanted eyes that factors into how Liz 'made' Paul up because he got sick of dealing with her crazy bullshit. The upcoming mess with Greg's somehow getting a transfer to Milborough just like that is also a problem that's based on her creator's ignorance as to How Things Work. It seems to me that given how Doug probably damaged his career by moving to Hamilton in order to be a supportive husband, she seems to have somehow convinced herself that if someone loves you, he (and it's always a 'he' because for a woman to follow her man around is a defeat) should be willing to uproot himself on a dime to prove it. Since fate and faith weren't powerful enough to overcome the real world concern that Paul couldn't bounce around like an idiot merely because some flighty twit he was dating wanted it to happen, he had to be a lie in order to prove that the way Pattersons are raised is totally freaking stupid and self-serving.

The reason that I mention this is that we can somehow use this stupid belief in order to counteract the stupid belief about being with one's own kind and embracing one's heritage and keeping some stupid old white woman from having to admit that the old tribal quarrels are as obsolete as she is by the subtle masterstroke of having Duncan's dad get a better job somewhere not loaded with Patterson-worshipers. While we'll have to endure the stupid whining about how this breaks up the 'team' just before the big useless fight with the sitting duck antagonist, it'll be well worth it in order to avoid having to watch his slow deterioration into Jar-Jar [BOXCAR!!] Binks.
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