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For Better Or For Gap-Toothed Smiley-Faced 'HOO!!" Guy.

The problem, of course, with simply replacing Duncan and Luis in order to avoid the irritating complication of Lynn being someone's obliviously racist aunt is that it is itself somewhat racist. One is doomed either way no matter if one selects a generic white kid or one coughs up another ethnic scrappy to show how tolerant one thinks oneself to be. That being said, I would tend to think that a new creator might screw up and confuse online notoriety with merit as a character. In that spirit, I present my take on Gap-Toothed Smiley-Faced HOO!!!!! Guy:

Name: Frank Douglas.

Age: 17

The new guitarist for 4-Evah and Evah (thereby making it four) and Gerald's wingman, Frank has two main goals for the big battle of the bands: having a good time and making sure that some of the more ardent don't take it too personally when both they AND Becky lose.

Positive Traits:

A decent awareness of his surroundings: Frank has noticed that the artificial conflict between his pal's band and that washed-up one-hit wonder type Becky is serving to distract both sides from doing quite their best.

A decent awareness of the stakes: While Frank isn't going to slack off just because he thinks what he's doing is probably futile, he is aware that in the grand scheme of things, a low-grade pissing contest between two girls because one girl won't admit that she's jealous of the others isn't going to matter much.

Negative Trait:

Excess of candor: He tends to not make his feelings about how silly this all is much of a secret. This leads to April questioning his loyalty to her cause because she doesn't realize that smart-ass has a point.
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